How to submit images for peer review

What is peer review?

Do you have that one photograph which did not come out as great as you had expected? We have all been through that. Here's an opportunity to get feedback and suggestions from fellow photographers. A peer image review session is where you can submit such photographs and get feedback from members. Great opportunity to learn something new!

  • Peer review is a way to get ideas for improving an image, or to get suggestions addressing specific questions or issues you have with an image.  The images are projected, the maker provides background on the image and describes the issues or questions they would like addressed, then others provide their feedback.  Enough time is allowed for more extensive feedback than would be provided during a normal competition judging.
  • Paid members may submit one or two images.  We'll discuss at least one per person, and a second if time permits.
  • Everyone in attendance may provide comments and suggestions. Help your fellow photogs AND learn from others' comments.

What happens in a review?

  • The images are imported to Lightroom and displayed on the projector.  Trial edits can be made in real time.
  • If you submit a photo, tell us:
    • Background about the image
    • Your questions, problems, what feedback you're looking for
  • If you're commenting:
    • Be respectful.
    • Avoid repeating what others have said.
    • Be brief.
    • Address the submitter's questions or issues.
    • Note what you like about it; say what could be done to make it better.
  • We allow a few minutes for discussion on each image.


  1. Deadline: -- 8 p.m. SUNDAY.
  2. Prepare your digital image file(s) as follows:
    • Try to keep the file sizes below 50 MB.
    • Provide the RAW image if possible, otherwise JPG.
    • For a RAW file, if you have edited it, also include its metadata file (.XMP). (If you use Lightroom, you can use the Export function and specify ORIGINAL format. This puts a copy of your original and XMP files in a folder of your choosing.)
    • For JPG: avoid downsizing. Full resolution versions are preferred.
    • If you want comments on "Before & After" edited images, submit both the original and your edited version (not needed if you include the original + XMP files).
  3. Make a copy of your files and name the copies using your name and a title like these examples (with 1 for your higher-priority image):

    1-Ellen Finch Beautiful Sunset.cr2 (or .nef or .raw or whatever your camera does for raw files)
    1-Ellen Finch Beautiful Sunset.xmp

    2-Ellen Finch Big Ugly Blob-before.jpg
    2-Ellen Finch Big Ugly Blob-after.jpg

  4. Submit your files:
    1. Send an email to stating how many images you wish to submit and the file name(s).
    2. **DO NOT** send your images as email attachments!  They are often too large for email.  
    3. You will get a reply from the review team with a link to a page for your uploads.
    4. Use the link to go to your Dropcanvas page.  You do not have to log in.
    5. Drag your files to the web page (or click the button at the top of the page) to upload.
    6. When you have finished uploading your files, send a 2nd email to confirming that you've uploaded your files.
    7. As a last resort, if you can't get Dropcanvas to work for you, bring your image(s) to the meeting on a USB flash drive. It takes time to prepare them for review, so we can't guarantee we'll be able to include them.
  5. if you have any questions or problems with uploading your files, contact

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