How To: Do Many Cool Things Here Like Update Your Portfolio and Profile--and More

Fun and/or useful things to do after you log in to

  • View all your fellow Club members! Under Organization, select Members.  You can then view all members (around 50) and see their faces (for those who have kindly uploaded images), visit their web sites, send them email.
  • Add your own photo! Makes it so much easier to connect faces and names at meetings and events or when someone sends you email.  Under My Account, select My Account Settings, then on that page, click Change Avatar Image.  Follow the directions on that page.
  • Add a link to your own website! Maybe you have a photo-sharing site, or your professional portfolio, or blog--whatever.  Under My Account, select My Account Settings, then on that page, click Update Personal Profile and Organization Options.  In the Personal Website box, enter your website URL, then scroll to the bottom and click Update
  • View all images that you've submitted to competitions! (Well, since October 2015 when we switched to this system.) Under My Account, select My Image Library. Scroll down and click the Display All Images button.   
    (Tip: If you want to see only your photos awarded a ribbon, in the Competition Awards box, where by default it says "[Do not filter on award numeric]", select "10 - AM", then click Search for Images.) 
  • Create your own gallery of any images that you want, and optionally share it with other members or the public at large:
       1. Under My Account, select My Galleries.  click Video on How To Create and Manage Galleries (if you're a video kind of person).
       2. Tip:You can create a gallery of all of your competition entries (or just the awards) -- I think the video shows how to do it.  Maybe I'll type up detailed instructions for those who like words better than videos.
       3. Tip: You can just create a gallery and upload new images into it.  Etc. etc.
  • View other people's galleries! Under Organization, select Galleries, then expand Member Galleries.  ... oh, sad, there aren't many there. Guess I'll create one right now!

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