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Club Officers

Monday, January 2, 2017

Officers meet a couple of times a year to plan for the year. You're welcome to attend the meetings to learn more and see how things work.

Every year, we elect our new set of officers. We love having new ideas with new people, so let us know what you'd like to try!

Club officers in 2018

  • President - Dave Newswanger
  • Treasurer - Alan Achor
  • Digital competitions - Tim Halloran
  • Print competitions - Shubha Tuljapurkar
  • Program scheduling - Martin Lee, Sebastien Roguiez
  • Judge contacts - Balaji Nagarajan
  • Newsletter - Jeff Sweet
  • Webmaster - Ellen Finch

  • Exhibits and Publicity - Joe Miranda
  • Education - Dave Newswanger
  • Field Trips - Robert Eng

Club officers in 2017

  • President - Steve Toll

  • Treasurer - Alan Achor
  • Digital competitions - Tim Halloran
  • Print competitions - Bigyan Bhar
  • Program scheduling - Tom McNeal
  • Judge contacts - Balaji Nagarajan
  • Newsletter - Larry Brown (Jeff Sweet for 2018)
  • Website - Ellen Finch

  • Exhibits - Dave Newswanger
  • Education - Dave Newswanger

Position descriptions

  • President
    Starts every Club meeting with any announcements, monitors meetings and events, calls and leads occasional officer meetings, asks for input and suggestions.

  • Treasurer
    Accepts new member apps; collects dues; writes checks for judges and other occasional expenses; tracks and reports on our assets for each officer meeting and end-of-year.

  • Digital competition manager
    Runs projector for digital competitions, digital presentations, monthly theme, etc. Must have a Windows system to run the software (software makes it easy to download photo submissions, let the judge select winners, and post back to the web site). Annually, suggests the mix & schedule of competitions for the following year.

  • Print competition manager
    Sets up for display of prints for contests, ensures the timely display of all photos for the competition, collects all print entry info so Digital Competitions person can add to the system and web site   

  • Program Scheduling (Program Chair)
    Solicits input for, or comes up with own preferences, for our monthly program. Contacts presenters and arranges for their presentation set-up.

  • Judge Contacts
    From  a list of judges, selects judges for all competitions and arranges for them to be here.

  • Newsletter Editor
    Collects info from each month's winners, incorporates that along with the photos into the newsletter template, updates calendar in the newsletter, emails to membership and adds to our Downloads page.

  • Webmaster
    Maintains (and adds to as needed) website content; adds coming competitions to the site; learns how to navigate the web-based software and adjusts settings and content. Maintains small content on our independent website.

  • Exhibits Chair
    Ensures that someone hangs a photo in our spot in the Sunnyvale Library every month; arranges for exhibits elsewhere and solicits members to display their images.Updates Meetup calendar.

  • Education Chair
    Suggests and arranges for any special tutorials or classes that the Club decides to offer. 

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