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September 2017

September 2017

Photography Basics Class: Developing Basics (6:30 PM PDT)
Class begins 1 hour before the regular meeting.  Topics: cropping, white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights/shadows, etc.  Attention to "Lightroom", "Photos", and/or other software programs delete
'Treasured Lands' presentation by Q.T. Luong (7:30 PM PDT)
Q.T Luong will present his latest work, featured in the award-winning book 'Treasured Lands', about America's National Parks. His web page is www.terragalleria.com. delete
2017 August Theme: Serra Park Workshop Photos (7:30 PM PDT)
Exhibit at Sunnyvale Library begins: hang photos (10:00 AM PDT)
Members will display their photos at the Sunnyvale Library during the months of September and October. delete
Photography Basics Class: Eclipse Photography Results! (6:30 PM PDT)
Note: the original topic has been postponed. This class begins 1 hour before the regular meeting.  Topics include: Review of photos from the eclipse, discussion of developing extremely high contrast image stacks. delete
Sep. DIGITAL competitions summary: Nature, Photojournalism, Pictorial A & B (7:30 PM PDT)
Blue boxes on our Calendar summarize this month's competitions. Click a red box to enter a contest (you must be a paid member). Info on competition types is available in A Full Description of All Contest Types.  (If there are no red boxes, we haven't set them up yet for this month.) delete
Nature Digital Images (7:30 PM PDT)
Photojournalism Digital Images (7:30 PM PDT)
Pictorial (General A & B) Digital Images (7:30 PM PDT)
Photography Basics Class: Monitor Calibration (6:30 PM PDT)
Class begins at 6:30 - one hour before the regular club meeting. Do you have problems getting your prints to look like what you see on screen? Learn how to calibrate your computer monitor so the colors and brightness are accurate, and get your prints to match your screen. Instructor: Steve Toll delete
Peer Image Review (7:30 PM PDT)
Submit photos that you're working on and want comments or suggestions, and other people provide feedback and ideas for improving them. We do this only twice a year, so take advantage of this! If you're not submitting, please attend to learn from feedback on others' photos, and also to provide your own comments/suggestions as time allows. We like to have experienced and novice people for this. You can submit one or two images. We'll discuss at least one per person, and a second if time permits. We allow several minutes for discussion on each. During review, you'll tell us:  * background about the image  * what questions or problems you encountered and wish to address How to submit images for peer image review delete
2017 September Theme: After Dark (7:30 PM PDT)

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