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September 2018
September 2018
September 2018
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Photo Basics Class: Portrait Workshop (6:30 PM PDT)
Learn composition, lighting, and camera settings for portrait photography.  Bring your camera. Instructor: Balaji Nagarajan Free
2018 Aug. Theme: Textures (7:30 PM PDT)
PROGAM "Art or Photography? (7:30 PM PDT)
Elements of Design as Tools to Create Artistic Photographs Presenter: Susanne Karlak, fine art photographer Website: All of us photographers want to create amazing and memorable pictures!  Understanding correct exposure is a good start, but you also need knowledge of the principles of composition. You most likely already use many of these techniques without even thinking about them; however, if you think about these “rules” or principles with foresight and planning, your photographs will improve.  After all, composition is essential for creating great pictures.  Maybe your next masterpiece is just on the horizon! In this presentation, we will review selected principles of composition and I will show examples from my photographs.  Usually more than one principle is used in each photograph, but one predominates. It is my goal for you to leave with a “bag of tools” from which to choose to create those memorable photographs.  [Added 8/21/18 mrl] ======================================================================================================================== The 6 Elements of Design are line, color, pattern, texture, form and shape. Together or individually, they are powerful tools to shape the mood and beauty of your photographs. In this presentation, we will explore each element individually and illustrate its use in photography with examples from Susanne’s galleries. The most influential element is line.  Without it, there would be no shapes or forms, and without those there would be no texture or pattern. Color is also a very powerful element; it creates the overall mood and appearance of the photograph. As photographers, we use these elements almost without thinking.  One of the goals of this presentation is to bring their role and importance into your conscious thoughts. In addition to an investigation of the design elements, we will briefly look at compositional elements regarding placement of shapes in
Photo Basics Class: Hight Contrast Images (6:30 PM PDT)
Learn about dynamic range optimization and High Dynamic Range  Instructor: Keith Schwamkrug Free
Nature Digital Images (7:30 PM PDT)
Photojournalism Digital Images (7:30 PM PDT)
Pictorial (General A & B) Digital Images (7:30 PM PDT)
Photo Basics Class: Wildlife Photography (6:30 PM PDT)
Learn the essentials of Wildlife Photography Instructor: Shubha Tuljapukar Free
Member Presentations (7:30 PM PDT)
Sunnyvale Photographic Club Members will discuss in detail how they created selected images.  Additional description will be provided in the future.
2018 Sept. Theme: Movement (7:30 PM PDT)

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